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A slimmed down Eddie Lacy should have his burst back in 2016. 

July 08, 2016

To evaluate Lacy this season, you must forgive his 2015 campaign. Lacy was one of the biggest busts in the game, failing to top 1,000 yards from scrimmage and finishing as the No. 25 back. This is a new season, however, and Lacy’s arrow is pointing up. He slimmed down over the off-season, which should help him reclaim the surprising burst he showed in his first two seasons in the league. With Jordy Nelson back on the field, the Packers will have all the clubs in their bag. Nelson’s absence significantly limited what the Packers could do in the passing game, and that trickled down to Lacy and the run game, The fantasy community fully understands and appreciates what an Aaron Rodgers-led offense can do when it’s at full strength, and how that rising tide lifts all ships. James Starks will be back in his familiar role this season, but it’s Lacy who will carry the load in the Green Bay backfield. Expect something more like his 2014 season than last year’s dreadful season.

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