• Don't overthink it this week with your fantasy team on the cusp of a championship, but if injuries have put your lineup in a precarious position, let our rankings settle any toss-ups.
By Michael Beller & Pat Fitzmaurice
December 13, 2016

Fantasy owners still alive in their league’s playoffs may only have a few true toss-up decisions to make—at this point, there’s no sense overhauling a lineup that has brought you to the cusp of a championship. Will the latest chapter of the Bengals-Steelers rivalry devolve into a low-scoring slugfest? Which member of the Falcons’ running back tandem will feast on the 49ers’ defense? How does Ryan Tannehill’s injury affect the rest of the Dolphins’ playmakers? Our fantasy experts reveal where they stand on your fantasy assets in Week 15.

Michael Beller’s rankings

Pat Fitzmaurice’s rankings

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