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Milwaukee Brewers Fantasy Superlatives: Can Freddy Peralta & Luis Urias Get Over The Hump?

The Milwaukee Brewers have some uncut gems that still haven't quite turned the corner for their teams or fantasy fans. SI Fantasy's Shawn Childs shares his view on some sleepers and value plays.

Sleeper: SP Freddy Peralta

Over seven seasons in the minors, Peralta went 19-27 with a 3.25 ERA and 540 strikeouts over 440.1 innings.

His arm started to take a step forward in 2017 at AA (2.26 ERA over 63.2 innings with 91 Ks). After 13 excellent starts at AAA (6-2 with a 3.14 ERA and 92 Ks over 63 innings), he earned his first chance in the majors in 2018.

With Milwaukee, he pitched well except three games (19 runs and 27 baserunners over 13.1 innings). Peralta allowed two runs or less in six of his 14 starts while delivering three electric starts (no runs over 19.2 innings with 30 Ks).

In 2019, his arm regressed with the Brewers (7-3 with a 5.29 ERA and 115 Ks over 85 innings). He set a career-high in his strikeout (12.2) while struggling with home runs (1.6 per nine) and walks (3.9 per nine).

Peralta struggled against right-handed batters (.280 with 12 HRs over 211 at-bats). He dominated out the bullpen in September (1.86 ERA and 20 Ks over 9.2 innings).

His AFB (94.1) had a jump in velocity (91.4 in 2018), which Peralta threw 78 percent of the time. He continues to feature an edge curveball (.221 BAA) while lacking a reliable third pitch.

Peralta remains a fly-ball pitcher (43.7 percent – 47.4 percent in his career). Tease arm with the strikeout ability to improve in 2020. He needs to throw more strikes, and add another off-speed pitch to lock down a starting job. His ADP (415) is very attractive if he wins a starting job when the season starts.

Sleeper: SS Luis Urias

Urias turned into a beast at AAA (.315 with 62 runs, 19 HRs, 50 RBI, and seven SBs over 295 at-bats), but he’s failed to have success in the majors (.221 with 32 runs, six HRs, and 29 RBI over 263 at-bats).

His approach (strikeout rate – 22.5 and walk rate – 10.0) was close to the league average in the majors, but Urias could match his contact batting average (.302) in the minors (.399) with fade as well in his average hit rate (1.458).

Over six seasons in the minors, he hit .308 with 36 home runs, 219 RBI, and 42 stolen bases over 2,051 at-bats. Late in January this year, he had surgery on his left wrist to repair a broken hamate bone.

Possible starting shortstop when healthy, but his bat does need to take a step forward in the majors. For now, a .280 hitter with a chance at a 60/15/60/10 skill set. Backend flier with upside based on his ADP (394).

Deep Sleeper: SP Eric Lauer

Lauer hasn’t made any progress over his first two seasons in the majors (14-17 with a 4.40 ERA and 238 Ks over 261.2 innings).

His walk rate (3.1) improved in 2019 with a bump as well, in his strikeout rate (8.3).

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He struggled against lefties (.331 with six home runs over 151 at-bats).

Lauer had an ERA over 4.30 in five of his six months. He allowed three runs or fewer in 21 of his 29 starts with a serviceable run over 19 games (6-4 with 3.84 ERA and 84 Ks over 96 innings).

His AFB (92.1) is below the league average with only one pitch of value (four-seam – .242 BAA).

Over three seasons in the minors, Lauer had a 2.93 ERA and 195 strikeouts over 178 innings with a better command (strikeout rate – 9.9 and walk rate – 2.8).

Not the best looking arm on the block, but growth should be expected. Lauer has a waiver wire ADP (619).

Deep Sleeper: SP Corbin Burnes

Burnes pitched great well in 2017 (8-3 with a 1.67 ERA and 140 Ks over 145.2 innings), but he failed in 2018 at AAA (5.15 ERA and 81 Ks over 78.2 innings) due to regression in his command (3.5).

The Brewers needed an arm in the bullpen that year, and Corbin was up to the task. Over 30 relief appearances with Milwaukee, Burnes won seven games with a 2.61 ERA and 35 strikeouts over 38 innings.

In 2019, he pitched his way out the starting rotation after four games (10.70 ERA, 2.151 WHIP, and 24 Ks over 17.2 innings) due to problems with home runs (11). His arm still had risk in the bullpen (7.98 ERA, 1.694 WHIP, and .298 BAA over 28.1 innings) despite success in strikeouts (43).

Burnes finished the year with more disaster at AAA (8.46 ERA and 25 Ks over 22.1 innings).

Over four seasons in the minors, he went 14-8 with a 3.22 ERA and 287 strikeouts over 282.1 innings.

His AFB (95.6) is elite in velocity, but not in success (.420 BAA and 13 HRs over 119 at-bats). Burnes did offer strength in his slider (.183 BAA).

A live arm that may draw attention with better success in spring training. Burnes looks to be free on draft day (ADP – 457).

Value: OF Avisail Garcia

Garcia worked as a backend outfielder in 2019, but he did miss time in August and September with an oblique injury and an illness.

Over his first 241 at-bats, Garcia hit .299 with 35 runs, 11 home runs, 32 RBI, and six steals. The loss of at-bats led to a weaker opportunity after the All-Star break (.293 with 22 runs, eight HRs, and 29 RBI over 181 at-bats).

He hit better against right-handed pitching (.291 with 13 HRs and 53 RBI over 327 at-bats) with viable power against lefties (.265 with seven HRs and 19 RBI over 162 at-bats).

Garcia had the lowest ground ball rate (46.0 – 51.1 in his career), but he finished with fade as well in his fly-ball rate (31.6). His HR/FB rate (17.2) came in over his career average (16.4) for the season straight year.

Garcia had a rebound in his contact batting average (.379), but he had a step back in his average hit rate (1.645). He is trending toward 25/80 with some surprise in speed. His only question comes with his ability to stay healthy. With the NL expected to use a DH in 2020, Garcia should be in the lineup on most days. His ADP since March first is 54.

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