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Peyton Manning: The Most Dominant QB in Fantasy Football History

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Peyton Manning finished his 16-year career with 68,207 yards and 513 touchdowns. That’s a yearly average of 4,200 yards and 32 touchdowns. He finished as a Top 5 fantasy football 10 times during that span, including finishing as the Number 1 passer twice. Peyton Manning is quite simply, the most dominant fantasy football quarterback of all time. His consistency year in and year out matched with his high volume of production helped make him a favorite among fantasy players.Fantasy analyst Jaime Eisner and AllColts editor Phillip B. Wilson discuss Manning’s greatness and what he meant to for the lucky fantasy football managers that drafted him.

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Bill Enright:  For 16 seasons, Peyton Manning helped millions of people when their fantasy football championships. Now it's time to take a look at two of his best statistical seasons by bringing on Jaime Eisner our fantasy analyst here at Sports Illustrated, and Philip B. Wilson from All Colts. Phillip, I'll start with you. Let's go back to 2004 and talk about Peyton Manning's spectacular season that year. 


Phillip B. Wilson: Everybody remembers the forty nine touchdowns which set off then the single season record. What jumps out at me is how much fantasy owners eight on Thanksgiving, literally and figuratively. I was in Detroit that year and Peyton tied his own career. I was six touchdown passes playing only three quarters. They roasted and basted the Lions literally and figuratively. And, you know, I never drafted Peyton because he was a colt and I was covering him. And that's why I lost to fantasy owners all the time, because Peyton had games like that. He had years like that, you don't ever expect forty nine (tds) from your fantasy quarterback. Jaime might tell you, well, you don't draft quarterbacks too early, but maybe if you knew they're going to do that, you change that rule. I know I got to change my rules and drafting great quarterbacks probably in the future.


Bill Enright: Jaime, let's talk about Peyton's magical season in 2013. Phillip just mentioned his forty nine touchdowns in 2004. In 2013, he set a record with fifty five touchdowns. Talk about it. 

Jaime Eisner: Yeah. Almost fifty five hundred passing yards to I mean, it's remarkable at that age. Nine years after that 2004 season, we just talked about that he was able to even better it. It was actually the first 400 point fantasy season for a quarterback in history. Now that has since been broken by a couple of names you might remember. Patrick Mahomes two years ago, lamar Jackson last year. But considering that Peyton Manning isn't exactly known for his rushing ability, his 2013 season was just absolutely remarkable. And overall for his fantasy career as two of the 10 best when he retired to the 10 best seasons of any quarterback in NFL history and was the number one scoring fantasy quarterback of all time when he retired.

Bill Enright: He had ten top five finishes from a fantasy football standpoint in a span of 16 years, including obviously finishing as the number one quarterback in these two seasons we just talked about. Jamie, Philip thank you for driving down memory lane and discussing some Peyton Manning. Always fun.