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Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, DeShaun Watson Top List of Dynasty Quarterbacks

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There’s been a major changing of the guard when it comes to quarterbacks in the spotlight for fantasy football, especially for dynasty leagues. Veterans like Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady are being passed up for younger studs in Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and DeShaun Watson.

When it comes to the Chiefs, Ravens, and Texans quarterbacks, not only is youth on their side but so is eye-popping stats that yield incredible returns in fantasy football.

ArrowheadDigest’s Joshua Brisco and Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Jaime Eisner joined Bill Enright to discuss what makes this trio of passers so special in dynasty formats.

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Bill Enright: When it comes to quarterbacks and dynasty fantasy football, there's a lot of young gunners that are taking over the NFL. Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, the list goes on. Let's break down a few of them here with Jaime Eiserer, fantasy and gambling analyst, Sports Illustrated, and also Josh Brisco from Arrowhead Report. Josh, I'll start with you. Let's talk about Patrick Mahomes. I mean, he is the ratings to one BP twenty eighteen league MVP has a 50 touchdown season to his resumé. Should he be the number one pick in Dynasty fantasy football leagues when it comes to quarterbacks? 

Josh Brisco: Yeah, look, man, I'm kind of a contrarian by nature. I would love to give you a hot take to explain why actually Patrick Mahomes is it? But yeah, he has to be. It's not like anything has changed other than the Chiefs keep adding weapons around him. He has Andy Reid still. So while I think, you know, you could try to build a fun argument for Lamar Jackson with the ground yards and the rushing touchdowns and all of that. Whenever you're looking at a dynasty league specifically, you're looking at the long view, even in the short term. I think Mahomes has to be the answer. 

Bill Enright: Jaime, we know Mahomes gets it done through passing Lamar Jackson a little bit of passing a little bit of rushing. The same thing with Deshaun Watson, make the case on why maybe they should be jumping ahead of Mahomes. 

Jaime Eisner: Well, look, if Lamar Jackson's case, if he can replicate what he did last season, he is going to be the number one quarterback by far. And he actually has the ability to wrestle a bit as well. Even if you take his league-high touchdown percentage passing wise back down the league average, he still would have been the QB one. So, I mean, that is the big argument for him. Deshaun Watson, who comes in at number three on Matt De Lima's list. It's interesting because he just lost his best weapon in DeAndre Hopkins, but is still a tremendous talent. The biggest takeaway for me is, is all the young, strong quarterbacks in the league right now because the top of these dynasty drafts looks a lot like the top of the regular draft at the QB ranking positions. It takes a while before you get down there to a rookie, which is Matt De lima's, cases is Tua Tagovailoa at number nine is his top rookie. With Joe Burrow right behind him at number 10. 

Bill Enright: Certainly a changing of the guard the last few seasons with Tom Brady, Drew Brees, even Aaron Rodgers phasing out and like you mentioned, Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson, all being phased into the top of the quarterback class when it comes to fantasy football. Joshua and Jaime, thank you for your analysis. Plenty more fantasy football coverage from Sports Illustrated. You can find it by going to