Cooper Kupp Will Dominate in Fantasy Football in 2020

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Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp had a remarkable season in 2019, finishing in the Top 10 in the PPR format. With Brandin Cooks now off the roster and player in Houston, Kupp should see an even bigger target share in 2020. 

Quarterback Jared Goff has a few weapons at his disposal in wide receiver Robert Woods and tight end Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee, but Kupp has clearly been Goff’s favorite target in the Red-Zone. Kupp had 18 targets inside the 20 yard line a year ago with Woods seeing 10. 

Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analysts Jaime Eisner and Frank Taddeo joined Bill Enright to discuss how high fantasy football players should draft Kupp in 2020.

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Bill Enright: When it comes to Los Angeles Rams wide receivers, Cooper Kupp has been a fantasy football darling for the last few seasons. But what are you gonna do with him in 2020? Let's find out what our fantasy analysts Frank Taddeo and Jaime Eisner have to say about the Los Angeles Rams playmaker. Jaime, I'll start with you. Are you drafting or passing on Cooper Kupp. 

Jaime Eisner: I'm drafting right now. He's going just outside of WR1 territory toward the end of round three, beginning of round four. It was really a tale of two halves for Cooper Kupp. He was the wide receiver three on a per game basis in PPR formats, through weeks one through eight. And then the Rams went on by and things kind of fell apart afterwards, even though he caught touchdowns in five consecutive games to end the year, he was the wide receiver thirty two in the second half. But overall he was a top ten wide receiver this year after being a top fifteen wide receiver the year before. Oh, and by the way, Brandin Cooks is no longer there to take any target share away. I am absolutely drafting him as a high end wide receiver two.

Bill Enright: Very compelling argument from Jaime. Frank, let's go over to you. Are you drafting or passing Cooper Kupp in 2020?

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, I'm in agreement with Jaime here. I mean, I think after this year you're gonna look in fantasy books and you gonna say, what's the word target hound? And you're going to have the picture of Cooper Kupp right there. I mean this guy had over 130 targets last year, 94 receptions, and now we know that there's no more Brandin Cooks. Do we really think that Tyler Higbee is gonna be the guy that's gonna just steal all the targets? Yes, he did emerge from the tight end position, but there's just no way that I believe that working from the slot, catching passes from Jared Goff in 2020, he does not see 130+ plus targets once again in 2020. If that's the case, he's easily worth that kind of draft capital right outside the range that Jaime referenced of wide receiver one. For me, this is a strong play. Grab some running backs in the early rounds, maybe even possibly jump out and grab Lamar Jackson or even Patrick Mahomes and then come back around in that third round right there in that sweet spot and grab Cooper Kupp. You'll be on your way to victory.