Other Than Lamar Jackson, Who Else is a Fantasy Football Stud on the Ravens?

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Lamar Jackson’s MVP season in 2019 was truly jaw-dropping. The Ravens quarterback set all kinds of records, including most rushing yards by a quarterback with 1,206 in a single season. He finished the year as the No. 1 quarterback in fantasy football by more than 40 points with an average on a per-game basis four points higher than any passer. But stating Jackson is a fantasy football stud is simply stating the obvious. Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Frank Taddeo and RavenCountry’s Todd Karpovich highlight the other playmakers from the Ravens, including tight end Mark Andrews and wide receiver Marquise Brown, that can help lead to a championship season in 2020.

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Bill Enright: Fantasy football players love rookie running backs. Let's take some analysis on the Baltimore Ravens rookie running back J.K. Dobbins, who the team took in the early rounds of this year's 2020 NFL draft. For that, I bring on Frank Taddeo, our fantasy analyst here at SI and also Ravens Country's, Todd Karpovich. Todd, I'm going to start with you. What is John Harbaugh saying about the rookie out of Ohio State?

Todd Karpovich: Well, they're ecstatic that J.K. Dobbins fell to them in the second round and they sort of view him as the running back of the future because Mark Ingram turns 31 in December and Gus Edwards is planning a one-year deal. However, John Harbaugh said J.K. Dobbins has the talent to move up the depth chart this season and they expect him to be a playmaker this year. He had over 2,000 rushing yards for Ohio State last year in a black and blue Big Ten and he fits in perfectly in AFC North. J.K. Dobbins is going to have an opportunity to make some plays and I think he'll take advantage of it in 2020.

Bill Enright: Frank, when you're thinking about drafting Dobbins this year, obviously, if it's not a dynasty league, you're just playing in a redraft fantasy football league. He's probably going in the double-digit rounds and that's because we all expect Mark Ingram to have the lion's share of the carry, at least early on in the season. But do you think Dobbins can be a guy that you want to stash on your roster for late in the season and maybe use him as a handcuff for Ingram this year?

Frank Taddeo: Yeah, I definitely do Bill, I think he's gonna be a strong stash bench guy that you're gonna want. You hit it right on the head. You're gonna want to draft him later in the rounds and towards the—maybe the middle of the rounds—because I'm not so sure, I think actually a lot of people could be looking at the possibility, as we just highlighted, that Ingram is getting up there in age. And because of that fact, the risk for injury is going to grow. So if there's a possibility that J.K. Dobbins could become a starter in this offense, maybe at some point this season, maybe in the middle of the season, should there be an injury to Mark Ingram because of that age...we know he's got mileage on those legs now. So if that's the possibility, we're looking at possibly a tremendous, tremendous value and steal for fantasy owners as we go into the fantasy football playoffs. For a player that obviously a lot of teams are gonna be looking to stash on their bench because maybe he doesn't get the role or maybe, you know, he gets only eight to 10 touches in the early months. But then if there's a possibility of him becoming the starter due to injury in those later months...wow Bill, sign me up, I'm definitely a guy that's gonna be looking to target Dobbins, even in redraft weeks in year one.

Bill Enright: All right, we have our fantasy football rankings up now. When it comes to the rookies, you can find it by going to si.com/fantasy.