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Phillies Fantasy Baseball Preview: Scott Kingery, Vince Velasquez, Spencer Howard

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After a down season in 2019, some fantasy baseball players are overlooking players from the Phillies but as Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analysts explain that could be shortsighted.

In 2019 the Phillies finished with a .500 record and were fourth in the National League East. With the Mets, Nationals, and Braves all expected to have better seasons again in 2020, the players from Philadelphia are being overlooked by fantasy baseball players. But when players are overlooked it creates a great buying opportunity if looking at the right data. Luckily Sports Illustrated’s fantasy baseball analyst Shawn Childs highlights a handful of players that can offer plenty of value and upside. Childs calls third baseman Scott Kingery a breakout candidate and pitcher Spencer Howard a deep sleeper. However, Childs does warn fantasy players about Vince Velasquez, labeling him a bust candidate for 2020.

For more on Childs analysis, read the transcript from his conversation:

Bill Enright: After a down season in 2019, some fantasy baseball managers are overlooking players from the Philadelphia Phillies. But as our Sports Illustrated fantasy analysts point out, that might not be a good idea. Let's talk with Shawn Childs and Ben Heisler. Shawn, I'm going to start with you. Give me your breakout and deep sleeper from the Philadelphia Phillies.

Shawn Childs: Actually, the deep sleeper has to be Spencer Howard. He's a guy that got injured late last season with a shoulder issue and he didn't, you know, hurt his development time. But before that, he pitched really, really well. 2.03 ERA over 71 innings, 94 strikeouts. He was really good over his two season 11-2, 2.24 ERA, 136 Ks over 124 innings. He's a guy that could come fast. Obviously, the shortened season and we don't know what's going on with baseball. He really should start at triple-A. But I expect him to really kind of push forward and with the extended roster, he might end up in the Phillies rotation at some point this season. As far as I'm gonna go to the bust here, because Vince Velasquez is a guy that is tempting for some guys because he shows flashes of upside, but he's really a guy that's really belongs in the bullpen. You know, in his career, he's got he's 18-27, 4.93 ERA, 359 strikeouts over 336 innings. But he's really a two pitch pitcher. And last year he really lost his slider. So he points to a guy in the bullpen, his ADP is really low. But, you know, he in spring training, before they start the season, he shows flashes - he's going to be tempting sometimes for at least a streamer. But I would avoid him.

Bill Enright: Ben, let me go over to you, Shawn, give us a bus and a deep sleeper, why don't you give us a breakout?

Ben Heisler: Yeah, I think Scott Kingery is on his way towards the up and up right now in Philadelphia. This is somebody that has, you know, 25 to 30 homerun potential. He can also add in about 20 stolen bases as well. Dude strikes out a ton. Strikeout rate was just south of 30 percent. So at some point, he's gonna have to start making a little bit more contact with the ball. But if they can shorten up his swing a little bit, if they can start having him hit the ball a little bit harder, I think he's gonna be in an advantageous position moving forward for Philadelphia. He Had a really good June, struggled a bit in the second half of the season. But Scott Kingery, along with the rest of that Phillies offense, if he can help facilitate more runs towards the back part of the lineup. I think he's somebody that has the dynamic opportunity to break out in 2020, assuming, of course, there's a season.