Fantasy Football ADP Analysis: Darren Waller

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The Raiders tight end had a breakout season in 2019 and fantasy football players are banking on him dominating again in 2020.

After watching Darren Waller have a phenomenal breakout season and finish the year as the No. 2 tight end in PPR scoring, fantasy football players are eager to invest a high draft pick on the Raiders playmaker in 2020. He’s currently being selected as the fifth tight end and 55th overall player according to the latest Average Draft Position data.

Should fantasy players invest in Waller at his current ADP? That what we asked Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analysts Corey Parson and Ben Heisler. 

Read the transcript from their conversation:

Bill Enright: Darren Waller was one of the best tight ends in 2019, and fantasy football managers can't wait to draft him in 2020. Let's bring on the experts to find out where we should draft him. Talking with Corey Parson and Ben Heisler, two of our fantasy football analysts here at Sports Illustrated. Corey, I'm going to start with you. Darren Waller, what a breakout season he had in 2019. Can it continue in twenty twenty?

Corey Parson: Well, listen, he definitely took advantage of the situation in Oakland last year. Antonio Brown was supposed to be the man that didn't end up happening Darren Waller stayed healthy. He got a ton of targets. He turned it over and he made very good for his fantasy owners. Probably one of the waiver wire pick ups of the year. And when you look at this season, this is how I like to like a draft tight ends. I like to get value at the tight end position. I want to find this year Darren Waller. Right now, he's going off the board at the fifth tight end. It is correct in ranking, but what he's being drafted is a little bit too high for me. I'm going to pass on him. Listen, I think the talent is there. I think he's real sharp. I think he's gonna be a part of the offense. But my strategy in drafting tight ends, is to find the guy that's gonna be next. 

Bill Enright: Ben, let me go over to you. I know the Raiders signed Jason Witten this offseason. That's going to be weird to see him in a Raiders uniform. Are you with Corey? Are you not going to invest a high pick by drafting Darren Waller, or do you want him on your team this year? 

Ben Heisler: Yeah I think what Corey said makes a lot of sense. After you get past that top tier echelon of titans, the George Kittles, the Travis Kelce, maybe even the Zach Ertz. I think you can wait to find try and find the right value at the tight end spot. Somebody like Darren Waller right now is the number five tight end off the board, he's going pick number 55 in drafts. And again, this is the PPR tight end three a season ago. Derek Carr is going to find him plenty of opportunities. But they also added three more wide receivers over in the draft. They brought in Jason Witten as well. So the target share is going to go down for somebody like Darren Waller. He's a great talent and a great story. But I'm with Corey. There's so much value late in drafts this year, a tight end, similarly, T.J. Hockenson or Hayden Hurst or Jonnu Smith. Those are guys that I like more that you can go ahead and take a flier on as opposed to investing some draft capital a little bit too early in somebody like Darren Wahler. 

Bill Enright: Corey and Ben, thank you guys for that great insight. You want more fantasy football ADP analysis? Check it out. We have plenty of it, go to