You Can Bet Which Sixers Teammate Jimmy Butler Will Make Cry

Questions loom over whether Jimmy Butler will fit in with the Sixers' locker room.
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Jimmy Butler takes no prisoners.

En route to finally forcing a trade away from the Timberwolves to the 76ers, the All-Star forward's dominant personality was on full display in a saga spanning over a month. So when "Tour de Force" Butler was shipped to the Sixers, NBA Twitter immediately wondered who among his new teammates he would lash out against first.

Turns out, there's been so much an interest surrounding a hypothetical scenario where Butler emotionally devastates one of his new teammates that recently posted a new prop, asking: "Which 76ers teammate will Jimmy Butler make cry this season?"

Full list and odds:

Markelle Fultz: +2000
T.J. McConnell: +3000
Ben Simmons: +8000
Joel Embiid: +10000
Field (any other 76ers teammate): +4000
No one cries: -1000

Seems like the oddsmakers realize how unlikely it is Butler does actually make a teammate cry. The likelihood of someone out there placing a bet on such a prop? Probably, -1000.