Gambling 101: What Are Sharp and Square Bettors?

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Sports bettors are usually split into two categories and Today on on Sports Illustrated's Gambling 101 we are breaking down what they are.

Often feared by bookmakers, sharp bettors make up the select few who gamble on sports to earn a living. Didn't tell you that was a job growing up did they.

These are the "wise guys" who live and breathe sports betting. Pros tend to bet on opening odds and that action may cause bookmakers to adjust the lines after the initial wagering wave. It's a tactic sharps have in order to move a line, so they can place an even larger wager on the other side. To gain maximum odds value, pro bettors have multiple accounts at several sportsbooks.

Ok so you aren't a pro but you still love sports gambling- then you my friend are a square.. Squares are recreational players that often wager on teams they follow regularly with little regard for the opponent. Taking points with underdogs, plus betting OVER on game totals, are common tendencies of recreational bettors.

Generally speaking, professional bettors tend to cash in on upwards of 55% of their wagers. The percentage dips for recreational players, as they normally win approximately 48% of their total bets.

Ok so you want to play with the big boys- I get it..s but following sharp bettors is not an easy task as their plays are often undetectable.To rise above the average square crowd - rec players need to follow a solid research path and practice proper bankroll management. Both are key to long-term betting success.

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