Verne Lundquist Honored With Emotional Tribute Video in Final Masters Tournament

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A national treasure is saying goodbye in his 40th and final Masters.

Legendary CBS broadcaster Verne Lundquist, who has been on the call from Augusta National since 1983, will end his magical run in this year’s Masters with throngs of fans ready to salute his impending retirement with a resounding, “Yes, sir.” 

The 83-year-old Lundquist called a versatile slate of sports games in his long and esteemed career, but his legacy—and his voice—is most intertwined in the fabric of golf. So many of his memorable days were spent at Augusta, where he helped narrate and bring to life the poetic scenes of heartbreak, redemption and glory that he witnessed on the greens.

Lundquist received his final broadcasting assignment for CBS this April, and in preparation for his anticipated departure, ESPN released a touching tribute video for the all-time legend.

“For the last 40 years, the melody of the Masters has featured the birds, the roars, and the unmistakable baritone of Verne Lundquist…”

Listen to the full tribute below:

What will mark the end of an era in sports broadcasting won’t be the last fans hear of Lundquist, whose commentary will echo in the pines of Augusta long after he leaves the mic.

“His calls are truly legendary,” said Jim Nantz, Lundquist’s CBS partner. “Augusta is a place that comes to life every April, and it’s not just because it’s a gathering of the greatest players in the world. There’s a golf competition, but it’s a week of history and voices. They come back. We hear them again.”

Kristen Wong


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