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Letters: Our Readers on Brooks Koepka, Xander Schauffele's Cigar and More Ryder Cup Takes

Morning Read fans sound off on some of the hot issues at the Ryder Cup, including whether Brooks Koepka should have been penalized.

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More John Fischer Articles, Please

Great article from John Fischer on Ted Ray. I love history and anytime there is an article about a prominent golfer of the past I read it. John always has some great information being an historian, keep his articles coming.

Skip M.

Editor's note: We too love John Fischer's articles and look forward to his next one.

Reader Takes Issue With 'Historian's' Comments

I enjoy your stuff, love the emails so good job. However there was a published letter from Peter C. who fancies himself as a "historian" with some comments about Hitler in 1936, followed up with him saying "apparently Joe Biden doesn't read history" or something to that effect.

Do us a favor and keep political comments like that off your newsletter, has nothing to do with golf or the Ryder Cup, which is why I enjoy your stuff. If I want to read stupidity for amusement I can always read the reader comments on Fox News.

Mark K.

Koepka 'Has the Best Swing in Golf — and the Worst Attitude'

I know Johnny Miller has retired. I know other golf commentators are frustrated athletes in awe that others can do what they cannot. Still, why can’t anybody say what is so painfully obvious about Brooks Koepka: he’s a crybaby. I know a lot of whiners; and, some of them, I call my friends. Still, I don’t lie to myself about what they are. Brooks has the best swing in golf — and the worst attitude. It is obviously a character disorder. Just as his comments about the Ryder Cup reveal this anti-social behavior, we also have ample reinforcement. He threw his “best friend” under the bus at last year’s PGA. He is incapable of governing himself. Hogan was unlikable but undeniably great. So is Koepka. He hit a wonderful shot… exactly like the officials indicated he would.

Ron B.

Koepka is a 'Diva'

Koepka is an arrogant prideful diva. He's not a team player. He has a foul mouth. He's a millionaire and young and doesn't care what anyone else thinks.

Jim G.

Conceding a Hole Can be the Honorable Thing to Do

Once played in an inter-club match when one of the other team had a foul mouthed outburst after hitting a bad shot. His partner turned around to us and conceded the hole as he turned to his playing partner saying nobody comes to the golf course to hear that type of language. Pure class from the man and no more foul language after that. 

William K.

Xander Should Wait Before Having that Stogie

The only downer for me during the super Ryder Cup coverage came during the post-round interview with the US team. Golfers for the most part are excellent role models for our youth which was why I was saddened by the sight of Xander Schauffele continually puffing on a cigar in the center of the front row. I wish he had waited till after the interview to enjoy his cigar.

Sandy E.

An English Reader Would Like Captains to Get 12 Picks

As in the previous incarnation your reader Blaine W. has it spot on again. The readers' letters made Morning Read more than just another set of professional writers' views and used to give it a delicious edge, particularly to someone like me from over the pond.

Talking of which, I'm not even smarting at the defeat in the Ryder Cup, the odds were so stacked against the Europeans. COVID was a major problem, restricting travel to the USA and delaying the match by a year during which guys such as Hatton, Westwood, Fitzpatrick and, yes even McIlroy, managed to play themselves out of any semblance of decent form. Not too big a problem if you can drop them and pick others, of course, but the European qualification method meant that results six months or a year ago still counted fully. Imagine the Green Bay Packers getting to a Super Bowl and the coach being told "here's the names of three-quarters of your squad you have to pick because they were playing well last season." The captains should pick all twelve players on current form and sink or swim based on their own judgement.

European supporters make up in enthusiasm what they lack in numbers when they come over there for the Ryder Cup, so a combination of zero support and some very questionable behaviour at the event — and not only from the crowds — had some impact. As my son said "I decided not to watch, because I knew how bad it would be — golf is one sport that is supposed to be better than that". US PGA executives and administrators, please take note, and take some action. Fast.

Terry W.

Brooks Behaved Like a Child

Brooks should have been walked off the course and prevented from competition. Like all professional sports the PGA has rules officials there to interpret all situations concerning play — you don't like the rules then play a different game. I really tire of this ego expansion getting in the way of the game. Brooks handled himself like a child, and like a child he needed to be put in his place. Truth be told I'm surprised that the team coaching staff didn't act by benching him. In this case that action would have been fitting.

Michael S.

'He Asked For a Ruling and He Got One'

Yes I think he should have been reprimanded after his round. He asked for a ruling and he got one. Thinks don't always go your way in life and sport. He seems a bit arrogant.

Stathy D.

There's a Difference Between Swearing, Cursing and Profanity

In the English language, the f-bomb is really considered as profanity, not cursing, as the headline suggested. I find that most people don't know the difference between swearing, cursing and profanity. They're really not the same.

John S.

Editor's note: John's right. NY Times has a good explainer here.

The USA Should Have Forfeited Brooks' Match

In my opinion, the USA team should have forfeited his match. This is the Ryder Cup, men and women alike who play this game must conduct themselves in the upmost traditions that have set this game apart from all other sports. They are completely aware that they are on the biggest stage, not to mention that they are on TV, which is why this competition, country vs country for the ultimate prize, sets us apart from all other athletes.

Don B.

Brooks' Attitude May Have Been the Worst Part

The interesting thing about the Koepka incident, is that his behavior was offensive even before the f-bomb. The surly question to the official, “have you ever seen me play?“ was worthy of a 13-year-old. It was a question made to an official who has probably been officiating golf longer than Koepka’s been alive. It may be that Koepka has learned from the DeChambeau feud that the PGA is soft and toothless. The PGA needs to start exercising its authority.

Jeff R.

Brooks Was Right; the Officials Were Wrong

The rules officials made the incorrect call. His opponent in match play agreed he should be given relief (Sergio). Rules officials making these type of legalistic calls are destroying interest in the game. The whole article you wrote is absurd. You obviously do not know the rules of golf or the game and should go write about something that matters.

Ted M.

This is 'Much Ado About NOTHING'

Much ado about NOTHING! Whether you are offended by it or not, the word has become commonplace in our society. You are simply creating controversy where none should exist.

S. Shackelford

Two Readers Say Get Rid of Those Microphones

No!!!.....they should get rid of the mics in those situations. It's too easy to cuss with your emotions and blood pumping. Don't blame any one for a few curse words. I can't imagine what you would hear in football, basketball and other sports if it was dead quiet like in golf.

Tell em how you feel, just don't get personal with anyone.

Danny G.

No.....nowhere in the rules does it say anything about swearing at's just part of the game....get the damn microphone out of there

David T.

He Should Have Lost the Hole

He should have immediately lost the hole and given a warning going forward. Full disclosure, I’ve not ever cared for the guy and was disappointed that he was on the team.

Jim C.