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Readers Sound Off on Brooks Koepka's Cursing

Here is what our readers think about Brooks Koepka cussing after he didn't get the ruling he wanted during the 43rd Ryder Cup

In case you missed it, Brooks Koepka had this exchange with two officials when he didn't get a ruling he wanted Saturday at the Ryder Cup:

We wrote about it here and asked for your opinions. We've included some of the best responses here.

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Brooks Koepka Would Have Been 'Punched Out' in the 1800s

Gary Van Sickle is wrong (to say Brooks should not have been penalized). (Koepka's) pervasive attitude is permeating society. There is no filter, no sense of decency, no class. In any other era he would have been penalized or even punched out in the 1800s. Loss of hole, end of story. Even tennis has more wherewith-all. Red card, technical, yellow flag, penalty box, your choice. Golf, the gentlemen's game does nothing? Shame on you Gary!

John P.
Hot Springs, Arkansas

Brooks Bullied that Official

Sorry but he should have some kind of penalty given against him.

Yes players do swear and we hear it all the time.

However, we don't see players bully refs and then swear at them because they don't like the result.

The Ryder Cup captains need to stand up together and condemn this sort of behaviour.

Chris D.

Golfers 'Can and Should do Better'

I think in this regard the PGA Tour has held itself up as more responsible and respectful than other big-time sports and organizations. I realize these are grown men, but they do know because of their popularity and TV ratings that their every move is seen and heard. No 10-second delay. They can and should do better. 

Berating officials and also cameramen and women should be unacceptable! Many do not do these kind of things and the rest should be held accountable. I believe they are through fines etc. It needs to be more public to effect change. 

Last word—we are so lucky to be in this game and many have become very prosperous because of it. The game has a long standing good reputation. Keep it that way, kids are watching!

Judy R.

Koepka Should Have Been Booted off the Course

Koepka behaved dreadfully. He should've been sent off the course and expelled from the Ryder Cup.

Rob S.
South Africa

The Player Conduct Rule Exists for a Reason

If the rule exists apply it. If not it could get worse.

Phillip B.
Quebec, Canada

We Need to Curtail Behavior Like Koepka's

He should have been penalized immediately. Put a stop to the bad behavior of overpaid athletes! Just like Serena should have been disqualified from the U.S. Open years ago for threatening the linesman! Shut it down by the rules and this crap will stop!

Learn from history people!

If France and England had retaliated in 1936 when Hitler reoccupied the Rhineland, WWII would never have happened! Appeasement only encourages the aggressor!

(Apparently Joe Biden never studied history...)

Go team USA!! (and thank goodness the cheater Patrick Reed isn't on the team)

Peter C.
Nashville, Tennessee

Koepka Should Apologize, Not be Penalized

No! This was not “serious misconduct” as stated in the new rule. It was simply a spontaneous emotional moment in a highly charged context. That said, Brooks should apologize for his rudeness in that moment. Let’s move on. 

Dennis L.
Reading, Massachusetts

Even Sergio was on Brooks' Side

No, he should not have been penalized. I understand the rules of golf, but sometimes if not always they should incorporate common sense. Even Sergio, his opponent, agreed with him. From a personal experience, I hit a tree root and injured my wrist which lingered for about two years.

Paul J.
Naples, Fl.

MR Should 'Stop Looking for Controversy'

Cup such a runaway bust you guys have nothing to write/talk about… move along and stop looking for controversy.

David. S

Readers respond to a letter writer who said the US Ryder Cup team doesn't really represent the country:

Fans Should Sit Back and Enjoy the Golf

Wow, it sounds like the writer from Virginia, may have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today. Either that or Charlie is watching too much of the national news these days and may have been negatively affected by the political divide that we are currently experiencing in the US.
Charlie, it’s just golf, albeit golf at the highest level. I believe you will find that regardless of where the team members reside, the folks on the European Team are indeed European and the guys on the US Team are indeed citizens of the US. Not really certain what troubles you with that.

I’m thinking an attitude adjustment is in order. Grab a drink, get in your recliner, sit back and enjoy the wonderful golf and competition of the Ryder Cup and the beauty of Whistling Straits. While you are at it grab your television remote and if something bothers you about the Ryder Cup telecast and those rich, entitled and talented professionals just switch to another channel. Just don’t tune into anything political in nature and I have no doubt you will feel better in no time.

Bill B.
Jacksonville, Florida

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