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Why Pro Golf is a Little Like the Kentucky Derby

As the Kentucky Derby approaches, this episode discusses horses for courses and horses for tracks -- what do they have in common?

What if you had only one chance to play in each of golf's majors? That’s what it’s like if you are a three-year-old horse with one shot to run in the Kentucky Derby.

In this episode, horses for courses and horses for tracks -- could they have anything in common? It’s time to talk golf and the Kentucky Derby on Golf Talk America

How do you compare the Kentucky Derby to the Masters or PGA Championship? What are the similarities between Tour pros and champion thoroughbreds? Fred Cowgill, Sports Director at the CBS affiliate, WLKY TV in Louisville, Kent., was a college golfer and has covered the Kentucky Derby for 37 years. He's also a close friend of legendary trainer Bob Baffert and has insights that may surprise you.

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