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Axe Bats signs Mookie Betts to sponsorship deal

Red Sox' All-Star Mookie Betts will be featured prominently in the growing company's advertising.

Mookie Betts just became the first MLB player to sign a contract with Axe Bat. The 23-year-old Boston Red Sox outfielder will become the face of the quickly growing axe-handled baseball bat.

The budding superstar, who will play in his first All-Star Game next Tuesday, has been using an Axe Bat full-time at the major league level for the Red Sox since September. His multi-year partnership with Axe Bat will include design and development input, as the company looks to expand their reach at the highest level of the sport.

The company will feature Betts in their advertising and on their website. Axe Bats started receiving national attention last year when Betts and many of his Red Sox teammates began using them in games.

We have covered Axe Bat at SportTechie on a few occasions. The Baden Sports-owned bat company makes very unique and high-tech baseball and softball bats, and they are hoping to revolutionize the industry.

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The bats are designed to work better within the biomechanics of a swing and the handle mimics the shape and functionality of an axe. The angled knob has a flush backside that allows users’ wrists and palms to rest more naturally allowing for a more comfortable and fluid swing. The more natural feel also helps prevent common hand and wrist injuries.

Their newest innovation is the one-sided barrel. The asymmetric barrel removes weight from the backend of the bat allowing most of the weight to be concentrated on the hitting side.

The Axe Bat has been approved at every level of baseball and softball. Betts is one of a dozen MLB players to use the Axe Bat at the highest level and has so far seen some amazing results. Betts has already recorded 18 home runs this season, matching his total from last year just halfway through the 2016 season. He is near the top of the leaderboard in almost every offensive category.

A recent study of NCAA baseball players saw Axe Bat helped to improve everything about a player’s swing. Users have better grip power, bat control and the design allows for a quick transfer of power for the fastest swing possible. The MLB-approved wooden models are made by Victus Sports.

Kurt Suzuki, a fellow MLB player, started using the Axe Bat recently and since switching to it full time has seen his hitting improve. If more players start to get their hands on this bat the company could find themselves in every MLB clubhouse very soon.

Betts is a rising star on one of baseballs most historic teams. His partnership with Axe Bat is sure to do wonders for building their profile. If he continues to produce at this rate expect far more players of all levels to give Axe Bat a try.