Three of Craig Sager’s Kids Say They Were Excluded From His Will

The kids say Craig Sager’s second wife, Stacy, has hounded them about the will. 
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Craig Sager’s three children from his first marriage—Craig II, Kacy and Krista—were left out of their father’s will and his second wife won’t drop the issue, two of the kids say. 

Craig II went public with the drama on Tuesday night.

Kacy said she and her siblings didn’t intend to contest the will but Sager’s second wife, Stacy, “still sent sheriffs to our doors to drag us to court.” Both children say they just want to put the issue behind them. 

Kacy also said that she, Craig II and Krista have been “banned” from working with the Sager Strong Foundation, and that the charity’s Twitter account had liked at least one tweet critical of Kacy’s side of the story.

In a lengthy statement posted Wednesday afternoon, Kacy outlined various other contentious moments with Stacy. Stacy “hired security” to keep Sager’s first wife from attending his funeral and wouldn’t let Kacy into her father’s house the day before he died, Kacy said. 

“He wasn’t a perfect man, and that’s OK,” Kacy wrote. “I loved him anyways. I can admit that he had his faults and still think he’s deserving of all the support and admiration he has received. It seems, however, that Stacy is incapable of doing the same, because admitting he wasn’t perfect would be an admission that she isn’t perfect, either.”

Sager married his first wife, Lisa, in 1980 and the couple had three children. While he was still married, he began dating Stacy and the couple married in 2002. They had two children together, Ryan and Riley. 

Sager died in December 2016 after a long battle with leukemia.