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Manfred: Using DH in NL would 'deprive' us of Bartolo Colon hitting

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred is enjoying Bartolo Colon hitting too much to wish the NL gets rid of the DH.
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Whether or not to use a designated hitter in both leagues has been a specific point of debate and contention once again this year.

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred spoke to the media at Comerica Park on Tuesday and was asked what he thought about the idea of adding the DH to the National League, so he gave an honest answer.

“Not having National League pitchers hit,” Manfred said, according to, “would deprive us of the entertainment that Bartolo Colon has given us this year. It's been a great source of entertainment for me. I don't know about for the rest of you, but it has been for me.”

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Colon at the plate has certainly been a great source of entertainment this season, between the 42-year-old hitting a double, losing his helmetwhile swinging and nearly eking out an infield single

Manfred also downplayed concerns about one league having pitchers hit and one using the DH, saying he thinks the current rules work fine. 

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“I don't worry very much about the difference between the two leagues,” he said. “I think part of that is a result of the fact that almost my entire history of watching the game there's been a difference between the two leagues, and it's something that you get used to. I also think the difference in the rules is a topic that people love to debate, and I am a huge believer in the idea that if people are talking about baseball, that's a good thing for us. In general, my approach is status quo on that issue.”

The debate over the DH is expected to be addressed when Major League Baseball and the Players Association meet to create the next collective bargaining agreement next year. 

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- Molly Geary