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Someone needs to get Bartolo Colon a chin strap for his helmet.

By Extra Mustard
May 05, 2015

Someone needs to get Bartolo Colon a chin strap for his helmet.

The Mets pitcher once again lost his on Tuesday night on a hard swing against Baltimore Orioles righthander Bud Norris.

This happened last month as well, when Colon drove in his first run in nearly 10 years against the Atlanta Braves in the process. The 41-year-old didn't have quite the same outcome this time, instead striking out on a whiff.

Colon isn't letting the helmet or the K phase him on the mound, where he's struck out nine batters and surrendered five hits and no runs through seven innings.

Are Yankees in first because of pathetic mustaches?

- Molly Geary

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