Theo Epstein calls Miguel Montero ‘a bad teammate’ for criticizing Jake Arrieta

Epstein made the decision to cut Montero quickly. 
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Cubs president Theo Epstein said Wednesday that the decision to designate catcher Miguel Montero for assignment seemed like the obvious one to make. 

Montero blamed Jake Arrieta for the fact that the Nationals stole seven bases on Tuesday night. 

Epstein realized after “probably 10 seconds” that Montero’s comments were a bridge too far and the team needed to part ways with him, Epstein told reporters. 

“It screamed out as something that we should do,” he said.

Montero was designated for assignment on Wednesday afternoon, ending his three-year tenure with Chicago. 

The Cubs' move to designate Miguel Montero for assignment is understandable, but harsh

“I just came to the conclusion that now more than ever we really need to be a team,” Epstein told reporters Wednesday night. “This was an example of someone being a bad teammate publicly, and that we’d be better off moving on and not standing for it, because we do hold our players to a higher standard than that.”

Epstein stressed that the move was meant to salvage clubhouse chemistry among the struggling Cubs. 

“That was not my read on it, knowing the dynamics, present and past,” Epstein said. “This was not something that we would benefit from—trying to pursue a path of putting it all back together again.”