David Price to Give Every Dodgers Minor Leaguer $1,000 Amid Coronavirus Hiatus

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Dodgers pitcher David Price will give $1,000 to every minor leaguer in Los Angeles' system for the month of June, according to MLB writer Francys Romero.

Minor league players received $400 in May from MLB, but those benefits are not guaranteed to extend into June. With many minor leaguers now in search of their next paycheck, Price stepped up to fill the potential void in Los Angeles' system.

The five-time All-Star isn't the first MLB player to help his fellow players out amid the COVID-19 crisis. Rangers outfielder Shin-soo Choo donated $1,000 to each Texas minor leaguer in April.

"I came here with nothing, but baseball has given me a lot since," Choo told South Korean sports website, Naver Sports. "Minor league players are the future of our organization. I just hope that they can fight through and overcome this difficult time."

Price spent the last four seasons in Boston before being traded to the Dodgers along with Mookie Betts on Feb. 9. Price has 150 career wins with a 3.31 career ERA.