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Negotiations during MLB’s lockout seem to be up in the air as the league reportedly told the player’s association it would not provide a counter despite saying the opposite two days ago, according to The Athletic's Evan Drellich

Additionally, the league reportedly asked for federal mediation, but in order for it to happen, MLBPA would have to agree. 

Camps are scheduled to open Feb. 16, but given the pace of the talks, it’s likely spring training will not be on-time. According to Sports Illustrated’s Tom Verducci, the union dropped $5 million in its proposal for a pre-arbitration bonus pool during Tuesday’s talks, leaving it at $100 million compared to the owners’ proposed $10 million. 

The arbitration eligibility is even bigger as players want to reduce it to two years while the league indicates any such change is a non-starter. The sides agree on the idea of improving pay for young players, but differ on mechanisms to make it happen

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These are only a few of the problems the two sides are negotiating, and until an agreement is reached, free agency will remain on hold. The lockout began Dec. 2, and just before it happened, 61 free agents quickly signed. However, there are approximately 130 players waiting in free agency limbo. 

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