Pinder `Extremely Hopeful' to be Back on Field This Weekend vs. Mariners

John Hickey

Chad Pinder hasn’t played in 10 days, and he doesn’t know when he’ll next be in the Oakland Athletics lineup.

He was going to be getting most of his playing third at third base after Matt Chapman was lost to the season with hip surgery, but at just about the same time, Pinder came up with a hamstring injury that only now is starting to come around.

He said Tuesday he feels as if he’s turned the corner and will test the hamstring out Tuesday by downing some pregame running under the eyes of the trainers.

“They’ve started to put together the running progression to get me back to playing,” Pinder said. “We’re definitely on the right track of feeling good. I’m feeling really good. So Ill test it out today.”

There’s zero chance that Pinder will be able to play against the Dodgers in this three-game series. The A’s bring the regular season to a close with four games this weekend in the Coliseum against the Mariners, and Pinder would dearly love to get in a game or two against Seattle, just to get to feel right for the playoffs that begin next week.

“I’m extremely hopeful,” Pinder said when asked about playing some against Seattle. “I would love to be able to play in that last series before the postseason starts.”

Before then, he’ll need to take grounders, run the bases, get more time in the batting cage and make sure his strength is up to par.

And he’s going to have to steal time at third base from Jake Lamb, who was acquired when both Chapman and Pinder were hurt and who has hit in all six games he’s played with two doubles, two homers, seven RBI, all of which have combined for a .364 average for his first week.

“I keep saying it – how we got Jake Lamb, I have no idea,” Pinder said. This guy is incredible.”

Beyond that, for Pinder, getting back on the field is about more than the physical part of the game.

“There’s a trust to the physical aspect as far as far as letting things go 100 percent,” he said. “There is a mental aspect to it. As you are going through the progressions and you’re tackling each one of those things, you’re gaining confidence.

“Like today – I’m excited to get out there and test it, to know where I’m at right now and see where I’m at in the progressions so that there’s no hesitations mentally. And, hopefully, not physically, either.”

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John Hickey
John Hickey


He'll get there. He's a worker


Chad, keep working on it. If you don't start soon, it will come man.