Who Was That Masked Man? Fiers Weird Beard Makes it onto a Mask in Athletics Clubhouse

John Hickey

It was just last season that Mike Fiers put on a display of beard grooming that took the baseball world by storm

The right side of his face had his usual beard, rolling down to his chin, where it took a brief jog straight up, then covered his upper lip. The entire left side of his face was shaved.

It was a look that didn’t last long, but it returned at the A’s workout Wednesday. Every player on the roster got to his locker to find he had a face mask that mimicked Fiers’ beard, and some of those masks made their way onto the field.

Mike Fiers, bears, 09-14-2019
Mike Fiers, 09-14-2019

Left fielder Mark Canha, who is famous for wearing full face ski masks during night games at the Coliseum on those cold evenings early and late in the season, picked his up and tried it on.

He liked it. Not enough to wear it, but he liked the look.

“I’m sure it was Mike’s idea,” Canha said. “They were just in our lockers today. I tried mine on; I was excited about it. But the comfort level wasn’t there for me. It was a little ill-fitting.

“I didn’t wear it out there today, but I wanted to.”

Sean Manaea in Mike Fiers beard mask
Sean Manaea and Mike Fiers, 07-08-2020

Left-handed starter Sean Manaea wasn’t so reticent. He spent much of the workout Wednesday styling the mask.

And when the A’s tweeted pictures of Fiers’ beard from last year and Manaea wearing the replica mask from today, A’s fans jumped on the idea of getting one, even if they aren’t going to be able to wear it to a stadium anytime soon.

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