Georgia was one of the first states to loosen the restrictions that had been in place due to Covid-19. And now, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has made more decisions, including one that will impact the Braves.

Kemp has made it possible for sports teams to resume play in the state, as long as they follow the rules and regulations approved by their leagues.

This means the state will not be in the Braves' way if the MLB players and owners can work out an agreement in the next few weeks and the Braves would need to train in their own home park to prepare for a 2020 regular season.

The thought is spring training 2.0 would take place in the home parks of all 30 MLB teams, but that is dependent on the teams being allowed to participate in sports by the local and state governments.

MLB players are expected to present a plan to the owners in the next few days.

If MLB is to resume on July 4, the two sides would need an agreement in the next 7-10 days, which would then allow players enough time to prepare to get to a spring training location.

Spring training could start around the 13th of June, which is three weeks exactly from July 4.

The Braves will be glad to know there will be no government restrictions on them resume to play from the state of Georgia.

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