Spencer Strider Interview - Part One

Bill Shanks talks with Spencer Strider, the Atlanta Braves fourth-round draft pick out of Clemson University
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We hear about how pitchers return from Tommy John surgery every year. Every organization in baseball could start a club of pitchers who have had the procedure.

Add new fourth-round pick Spencer Strider to the Braves' group, as long as he signs with the Braves.

In the interview, Strider explains how he knew he had to have the elbow procedure and the surprise he got when his doctors told him how long the ulnar collateral ligament had been torn.

Strider needed a full season to show how his recovery was going. Before the pandemic killed the season, Strider pitched in four games for Clemson.

He walked three batters and struck out 19 in 12 innings of work. It was a good sign for Strider, who was close to increasing his pitch limit from 50 to 75 when baseball shut down.

It's a shame there is no minor league baseball. Strider needs to be pitching somewhere so his return from Tommy John surgery can be complete.

Now, Strider might have to wait for next spring before he's able to get into a regular routine. That is, if baseball is back by then.

And we can only hope that Strider will be able to have a full season to show how good he may be without having a bad elbow.

Here is the entire interview.

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