Where were you when Hank Aaron hit THE home run?

Bill Shanks

Well, I was only four years old. So, I don't remember it. But it was a huge event, and it was the Hank Aaron Atlanta Braves, not the Dale Murphy Atlanta Braves or the Tom Glavine Atlanta Braves.

That's probably the one thing I regret about being the age I am, and believe me, it's not like I want to be older. However, when I started watching the Braves in 1978, the Aaron era had already passed. 

He had been traded to the Brewers to end his career as a designated hitter. Then he was back in Atlanta as a Braves front office executive.

But he was always Hank Aaron. THE Hank Aaron. And I certainly wish I had been watching them then to know how the Braves as Hank Aaron's team looked and played.

We can't imagine what Hank Aaron went through when he was trying to pass Babe Ruth on the home run record. He was bombarded with threats from racists who had no desire to see a black man pass a dead white man on a home run list for the national pasttime.

But Aaron had incredible strength to survive that period and stood tall in the face of adversity. He deserves tremendous credit and affection for standing tall and becoming the home run champion.

I just wish I had not been four years old for a few months and watched him and the Braves as he chased the record.

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