1995 World Series memories

Bill Shanks

So, where were you the week of the 1995 World Series?

With Fox Sports South replaying the entire series this week, it's easy to bring back memories of what it was like when the Braves won it all 25 years ago.

The world seemed a bit simpler, especially with all that is going on now. But it certainly seems like yesterday.

The Braves had lost out in 1991 and 1992 in the World Series to the Twins and Blue Jays. The Phillies had knocked them out in 1993, and then the strike knocked the entire sport out in 1994.

The Braves were ready to win it all in 1995. They acquired Marquis Grissom in April before the season started. That gave them the best lineup they had in the five-year run.

Atlanta faced a Cleveland team that had great hitters, like future Hall of Famers Eddie Murray and Jim Thome. Manny Ramirez, Carlos Baerga, Kenny Loften, Tony Pena and Albert Belle.

It was truly a great hitting team against a great pitching team, as the Braves had three future Hall of Famers in their rotation: Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and John Smoltz.

David Justice spurred the team going back to Atlanta for game six with his comments challenging the fans to show up at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. They did, and he did.

Justice hit the game-winning home run in the sixth game. He did come through in a big way.

So, what are your memories from that glorious week when the Braves finally won it all?

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