AUDIO: Chris Woodward Expects More From His Players in 2020

Chris Halicke

Texas Rangers manager Chris Woodward is sending a clear message to his players. He expects more out of his players in 2020.

The Rangers have a lot of unknowns on their roster going into the 2020 season. Even with all the external additions this team has made, there are still a number of questions that have to be answered. 

Will Corey Kluber regain his 2018 form? Can Mike Minor and Lance Lynn replicate their 2019 success? Can Joey Gallo replicate his near-superstar breakout in 2019? Can he stay healthy? Can Danny Santana duplicate his 2019 season? What will Willie Calhoun do in a full season? 

There are many more questions that surround the Rangers. This team is capable of quite a lot if they hit on most of these issues. If not, the 2020 season is going to be a struggle.

Manager Chris Woodward is not allowing his players off the hook. With a year under his belt as the Rangers' skipper, he has high expectations from his players. Listen to the audio above for his comments on what he expects. 

Rangers pitchers and catchers are currently working out in Surprise, Arizona. The full squad is required to report by Sunday, February 16th. The first full-squad workout is Monday, February 17th.

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Comments (2)

I don’t have high expectations for the team but I am curious as how Woody handles the obvious weak spots. That will be the determining factor, for me, if the his season is a success.

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Chev Chelios
Chev Chelios

I really like Woody and I’m hoping that this is the season when things change. If Guzman and Odor aren’t hitting well in the first 4-6 weeks of the season changes need to be made permanently. Odor is truly on his last straw and Guzman has to prove he’s not a AAAA type player. If Solak and say Bird are showing they are good enough to play over Odor and/or Guzman then I hope they’d get the opportunities. I’ve said this before but the Rangers have an opportunity with the best rotation in the division and they cannot let them go to waste by sticking with players that aren’t as good as they initially hoped. This season MUST be a real transition season into the winning mentality. If 2020 is part of the retooling stage with this team then either the players are going to be a part of the future or they’re cutting bait with them and the sooner they’re gone the better....that’s aimed at you Odor. They have to finish above .500 this year or I think it’s a failure of a season based on the moves they made.