Texas Rangers LHP Brett Martin Tests Positive for COVID-19

Chris Halicke

Texas Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels announced on Friday that LHP Brett Martin has tested positive for COVID-19.

Per an agreement between Major League Baseball and the Players Association, clubs have to get permission from players before they can publicly disclose any positive COVID-19 cases.

Martin, along with the many Rangers players, coaches, and staff, have gone through intake testing throughout the week. Martin's test came back positive.

"We've been in touch with him regularly," Daniels said via Zoom call on Friday. "He's here in Dallas with his wife. He has some mild symptoms, but is actually feeling better over the last couple of days."

Martin also has Type 1 Diabetes, an underlying condition that would likely deem him as "high-risk" according to the MLB Operations Manual. 

"Our medical staff has been in regular contact with Brett," Daniels said. "He's here with his wife, as I mentioned. He has somebody with him and able to care for him. But in talking with him yesterday and communicating with him again today, he's feeling better. Just general fatigue-type symptoms and a little bit of congestion. Otherwise, he feel pretty good. We're hopeful that he continues and recovers."

In order for Martin to be cleared to get back on the field, he must have two negative COVID-19 tests spaced 24 hours apart. Martin is a strong candidate for the Texas bullpen. However, this will likely set him back quite a bit. 

"He was the one guy I was worried about most because of the diabetes," Rangers Manager Chris Woodward said. "I talked with him. We just want to make sure he is taking all the right precautions. He feels good. And we will continue to monitor him."

A number of other Rangers players, including six that flew in from out of the country on Wednesday, are waiting to be cleared. Rangers starter Mike Minor is scheduled to throw a simulated game on Friday, but is also waiting to be cleared.

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