Video: Players React to Ron Gardenhire's Retirement

Jason Ross Jr.

Video Transcription:

Welcome to your Tigers baseball report; we're here at Comerica Park, the home of the Detroit Tigers; I'm Jason Ross Jr. 

Well, it felt fitting that Ron Gardenhire's final managerial decision on Friday night was to place Daz Cameron in the bottom of the ninth inning of a 1-0 loss. 

Cameron had a pinch-hit triple, obviously didn't score, but the following day after Gardenhire's decision to step down, it was Daz Cameron who had the opposite-field line-drive single to put the Tigers ahead and give them a lead that wasn't surrendered for the remainder of the game in a 5-2 victory on the day Ron Gardenhire decided to retire. 

Afterward, left-handed pitcher Daniel Norris said it was certainly fitting, we were definitely thinking about it, and we wanted that win for Gardy. 

The instantaneous feelings that you got around the ballpark after Gardenhire's decision to step down was number 1--sadness, and number 2--respect. 

These are people in the Tigers organization that look at Ron Gardenhire as not only a manager but also a friend. 

He is so personable, so likable, so friendly and has that wonderful sense of humor. 

Another thing Daniel is that Ron walked into the clubhouse and said I hope and pray that you guys don't think I'm walking out on you, and Daniel said not a single soul in the clubhouse thought that for a second, so something else that definitely embodies the mentality of Ron Gardenhire. 

Today it'll be left-hander Matthew Boyd taking the mound for Detroit facing the veteran right-hander Carlos Carrasco for Cleveland in the fourth of a four-game series between the Indians and Tigers in Detroit. 

That's your Tigers baseball report; I'm Jason Ross Jr. 

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