What's going to be different at the ballpark?

Brett Ballantini

We've heard so much about how different baseball will be this season. And for as much planning as has been done since spring training was suspended in March, changes will probably be continuing up until July's Opening Day.

Which makes the job of longtime White Sox vice president of stadium operations Terry Savarise's job more challenging than effort. It's a Herculean effort to shift the focus of an entire ballpark almost on the fly, and his team has pulled it off.

Don't believe me? Take a look at walk-through video below and treat it as one of those Highlights magazine "circle what looks wrong here" visual games. Pitcher's mounds in foul territory. DO NOT SIT stickers in the dugout. Labyrinthine corridors of pressed wood pop-up structures throughout the tunnels underneath the stands. No more couches and big-screen TVs in the locker rooms!

It's not overstating to say that Savarise, Roger Bossard, and their teams have built an alternate ballpark within Sox Park.

The White Sox a couple of videos on Thursday that step fans through the enormous preparations that have gone into prepping the ballpark for Summer Camp, and ultimately gameplay at the end of July.

First, Savarise and SoxTV cameras do a walk-through of both the field and locker rooms, illustrating how much has changed about the ballpark:

Next, Savarise discusses some of those changes, as well as the other safety factors that are going into game day operations for the White Sox:

And hey, just for fun, a promo video released by the White Sox, reminding you that, indeed, there are baseball stars on the South Side you'll get to watch this summer. Change the Game!