Dana White and UFC lose to California and Disney: Unchecked

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Dana White let his aggressiveness get the best of his leadership.

Now there’s certainly a part of me that admires his fighting spirit in wanting to put on a card regardless of the circumstances, and I’m sure many MMA fans are disappointed today after UFC 249 was canceled.

However, the best fighters respect their opponents and show patience before they strike. In White’s case, not only was he going up against the coronavirus but the state of California, including Governor Gavin Newsom. And as it turns out, Mickey Mouse. (Oh boy do we know Mickey is a really tough foe.)

After all, UFC 249 was perhaps set to undermine state law taking place on tribal lands when Californians aren’t allowed to leave the house.

And unlike say the WWE, the UFC doesn’t have its own performance center available due to a Nevada State Athletic Commission ruling and was working with Disney. Also, while Vince McMahon has been uncharacteristically quiet, White was very loud. Which I’m sure helped elevate the health concerns that eventually caused him and the company to have to tap out.

I do think this could have played out differently If he had waited until there was a better plan in place. Perhaps then it would’ve been a chance to lead, rather than being viewed by many as just greed. Because there are plenty of us who are looking forward to sports and other events resuming, at least in some form.

But as of this very moment, like where future mixed martial arts events may take place, Dana White and the UFC are on an island.