Conor McGregor Should Apologize to Absolutely Everybody: Unchecked

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Conor McGregor is going out sad. His trash talk and bravado were one thing when he was winning, now it's just desperate and pathetic.

Which was on display for everyone to see following his TKO loss to Dustin Poirier in the third fight of their trilogy at UFC 264. Conor sitting there with a broken leg after another loss still talking about Poirier’s wife was amongst the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen.

McGregor simply hasn't been the same since he fought Floyd Mayweather, having now lost two consecutive fights for the first time and having only one win in the octagon since. I don't know if that's due to the punishment he took, the money he made, or he's simply been exposed in other ways. But his celebrity, not his ability is clearly the driving force behind the interest in his fights currently.

To that point, Dana White and the UFC will do whatever they can to keep him involved, and the unfortunate injury he suffered at the end of what was sure to be a loss anyway gives the company enough of an excuse to take $70 from everyone again. However, McGregor's charisma can only carry him so far and his likability lessens with each loss...which can be said publicly and not in anyone's DMs.

Personally, his career feels headed more toward the WWE, the next Fast and the Furious movie or a fight with Jake Paul than it does to ever again being at the top of the UFC.

Because in MMA Conor McGregor may remain notorious, but as far as being interesting...In this current phase of his career? That's a no from me.