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The United Nations (of Basketball): Campus Clicks

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The United Nations of Basketball

Are basketball powerhouses UNC and Duke just like world-powers Japan and America? :: AP

Saint Mary's basketball team might take offense to being compared to Venezuela, but really, The Love of Sports means it as a compliment. Saying Duke is college basketball's equivalent of the United States, though, seems like a downright insult. If Blue Devils fans feel miffed after reading phrases like "bloated standards" and "oppressive superpower," they'll feel doubly so after they read the praise tossed UNC's way.

A Traitor at Heart

Poor Natalie Nelson. She's got looks, moves and an NFL husband, but an innocent error from her past continues to haunt her. You remember Natalie. She's the USC Song Girl who earned Internet infamy when she overtly cheered for Texas during the 2006 Rose Bowl. But wait just one second. Two years later, new photos have emerged that lend credence to the conspiracy theory that Natalie's goof wasn't a goof at all. What's she doing in the photo? Wearing a Longhorns jersey for Halloween. Faux pas!

Put Your "Guns Up" and "Hook 'Em"

Fool OTR once, shame on you. Fool OTR twice, shame on it. Last week, the site, like many others, broke into fits of hysterics after it saw what appeared to be a picture of President Bush and the Arizona State track team flashing the shocker. Shortly thereafter, the blogsphere realized Bush and Co. were flashing ASU's pitchfork and not the sexually suggestive hand sign. To avoid any future confusion, OTR decided to take a look at other college hand signs and now we'll all know when someone's saying "Hook 'Em" and when someone's saying something very, very different.

You Call that a Hot Dog?

If Robbie Hummel and Purdue want an answer for all the empty seats, they should try a hot dog. :: AJ Mast/Icon SMI

This preseason, SI ranked Purdue No. 5 in its men's top 20. So in theory, the Boiler Makers should be a pretty big draw. Why, then, are so many people staying away from Mackey Arena? Because of the subpar food, of course.

Take What You Can Get

We know "almost" only counts in horseshows and all that jazz, but Michigan fans need something on which to hang their hats this season, so it seems only right to point out that while Ohio State has won six of the last seven matchups in this bitter rivalry, Michigan came pretty close to winning all of them. During an eight-loss, bowless season, that's got to count for something.

A New 'Do

Major news alert: Steve Lavin's rock-hard helmet-hair's gone. We've lost all sense of time, space, identity and purpose.

Putting a Face to the Name

Admit it, you're sick and tired or seeing the Crimson Tide logo next to Alabama's name, the Trojans logo next to USC's name, etc. You'd much rather see Latrell Sprewell and O.J. Simpson staring out at you.

There Better be a Doorman

One good reason to avoid going to college in New York, Washington, D.C., or So Cal: the depressing and debilitating dorm costs.

Pop Culture Nugget

Most of us thought Tina Fey's Sarah Palin impression was accurate and amusing, but NYU researchers took a closer look, and they say it was nearly perfect.

Today In Hot Clicks

Candice Swanepoel :: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Victoria's Secret model mystery solved! ... Bad Headline of the Day ... Soccer strippers ... Brady vs. Devo ... Here comes Greg Oden ... Video: Packers fan ... Soccer ball to face.

Odds and Ends

Georgia fans aren't ready to say goodbye to Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno ... Yes, "Wanker Records" is a real label ... If you're a new Song Girl, congrats ... The BCS will now call ESPN home.

Monkeying Around

If you're bored with the seemingly predetermined SEC vs. Big 12 BCS title-game matchup, the monkeys are with you.

Use Your Head

We seem to have inadvertently started a new series called So You Think You Can Catch Like David Tyree? Yesterday, Jarrett Boykin made his case. Today, it's Dezmon Briscoe's turn.

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