By Jon Wertheim
March 08, 2010

1. Nole Contendere:Novak Djokovic's ranking in the court of public opinion tends to waver like no other player's. He's a threat to win majors. No wait, he's out of shape and deprived of fortitude. He's a colorful performer. No wait, he's a self-absorbed clown. Whatever, Djokovic's image got an nice uptick last weekend. Playing in Belgrade -- where he's always beloved -- the only player in the top five to compete in Davis Cup led Serbia to a victory over a game American team with pair of well-played wins. Good for him. Good for them. For all the results, check

2. A Cup Half Full:Winston Churchill famously characterized democracy as "the worst form of government -- except for all the others." We're starting to think that might be the case with Davis Cup. The current system is flawed -- and it would be nice if the ITF, instead of protesting too loudly, would consider some alterations. Holding the competition every other year, for instance, might make sense. And yet, it's easy to overlook how well the competition plays out throughout the world. Check out these results (and photos) and ask: Would a World Cup-style, everyone-at-site lollapalooza really be able to surpass the cumulative good will (and revenues) of the current format? Right now, I'm not so convinced.

3. Hit for Haiti: Mark these words: In a few years, an ambitious filmmaker will make a fine documentary about "Hit for Haiti," the impromptu benefit that showcases all the good in tennis. Encouraged by the success in Australia, Roger Federer and the rest of the gang are reprising the event in Indian Wells this week. Special guests include Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf. Larry Ellison must see this -- the first event of his new "administration" -- and think to himself, "Tennis is awesome and everyone cooperates. Where's the in-fighting I keep hearing about?" For more information including tickets, go here or here.

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