October 11, 2010

St. Louis Rams stories in the SI Vault

A Private Eye On The New RamsBy Edwin Shrake, October 03, 1966The golden Los Angeles teams of Crazylegs and Night Train are no more, damaged by competitive sports and executive fights -- and don't spy on the new club, Buster.

How The West Was, Uh, TiedBy Tex Maule, December 07, 1970The San Francisco 49ers thought they had it won, but the Los Angeles Rams, finding an offense to go with their defense, beat them to share the lead.

Would You Buy A Used Playbook From This Man? By Tex Maule, July 24, 1972Better not. Most pro football coaches say you would only get a lot of Os and Vs that would be worth few if any dollars. Nonetheless, ex-Ram Quarterback Karl Sweetan tried to sell one for $2,500, and a federal case has been made of it.

L.A.'s Fight Song: We Are Not Fam-i-leeBy Barry McDermott, December 08, 1980Quarterback Vince Ferragamo is the No. 1 complainer on a Ram team riddled with discontent, but the bickering stops at gametime.

He Put The Squeeze On The JuiceBy William Nack, December 17, 1984With 215 rushing yards Sunday, the Rams' Eric Dickerson ran past O.J. to a one-season record 2,007 yards.

RedemptionBy Peter King, February 07, 2000By taking the Rams all the way, Dick Vermeil erased some of the pain the '81 Super Bowl loss brought to his beloved Eagles.

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