Hot Clicks: Hurricanes Storm Squad: Cam Newton highlights

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The NHL All-Star Game takes place in Carolina this season, hence the picture above of the team's Storm Squad. The exhibition will feature a new and innovative twist: the rosters of each team will be chosen by two captains, and they won't be limited to just picking players from their conference. I won't lie. You still couldn't pay me to watch an All-Star Game in any sport, but the NHL deserves props for coming up with a unique and intriguing idea.

All-Star Idea

Carolina Hurricanes Storm Squad :: Gregg Forwerck/Getty Images

Here are the top 50 boxing knockouts of alltime in a 15-minute video.

Great Time Killer

Derek Jeter won his fifth gold glove yesterday and everyone is freaking out. Even got in on the fun.

Dissing Derek

I know the Internet is burning up with story after story after story about things Auburn quarterback Cam Newton may or may not have done. But, if you're like me and would rather skip all that and just watch a great player in action, I suggest checking out this, this, this and this.

Leave This Man Alone

Cam Newton :: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolphthinks there are 42 minutes in an NBA game.

Poor Clock Management

A Florida man has petitioned for a restraining order against Tim Tebow, President Barack Obama and Jesus.

From The "You Can't Make This Up" Files

I can't figure out what's worse: The way this play ended or the fact that whoever filmed it cut it off too soon? (Thanks to Javier, of Tijuana, Mexico, for the video.

Sports Video Of The Day

Matt Totten, of Detroit, says, "Jimmy, I sent this link in a couple of weeks ago when the Lions blew out the Rams and still believed for some reason that they had a shot at the playoffs. Now, we are 2-6 and this video has gone from being funny to being true. We have lost countless numbers of players including Staff Daddy (quarterback Matthew Stafford), who was supposed to lead us to the Promised Land, and our all-time points leader, Jason Hanson. Yes, he is a kicker, but he is awesome. The parts of this video that were meant to be funny either are absolutely true or might be coming true soon. Either way, Go Lions and long live Barry Sanders." I actually felt Matt's pain while reading his e-mail and it only gets worse when you watch the video below. (Warning: Video has multiple F-bombs.)

Depressed Fans Video Of The Day

Here's a summary of what happened during the NFL's Week 9 -- set to Bryan Adams' Summer of '69.

Music Video Of The Day No. 2