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Introducing the new

Why we’re happy to be relaunching

Some things never change. For more than a quarter of a century, Sports Illustrated Kids has focused on fulfilling its mantra of delivering “sports the way kids want to read about it” every month. The print publication has always been the pillar of what we do at SIK. We all remember what it’s like when you’re a kid to get something in the mail with your name on it, something that was meant for you and only you. It was that way when we launched in 1989, it’s that way now, and it will certainly be that way in 2039, when we turn 50.

But then again, a lot of things do change. The look of our magazine. The hairstyles and fashion choices of the athletes we feature in it. And, to be sure, how our audience consumes content. As much as kids still love getting their hands on a magazine and dog-earing it, they now—like the adults in their lives—are on the move. They have phones, they have tablets, they have handheld devices to keep them plugged into the world at all times, whether it’s between classes, in the car on the way to practice or during a break in their homework.

And that’s why we’re happy to be relaunching The new site was designed to be mobile-first, to give our audience the content it craves in a way that is easily digestible. The site is designed with kids in mind. Every morning they’ll find out what they missed the night before, and every afternoon they’ll be able to check out our Afterschool Special, a look back at the news and video clips they might have missed and a look forward at what’s happening the rest of the day. They’ll digest local stories and national takes from their peers in SIK’s Kid Reporter program. They’ll be able to stay up-to-date on the intersection between sports and pop culture in the Dugout. They’ll check out age-appropriate stories and videos from thanks to our kid-friendly wire feed. They can follow our year-long series on the Future of Sports to see how their favorite games might look and feel when they are grown-ups. And if they have a few minutes of down time, they’ll be able to play sports video games. All on a site designed to enhance the mobile experience.

Sports Illustrated Kids has long been the most authoritative voice in the kids’ space. With our newly updated website, we’ll be able to engage with our readers on a daily, even hourly, basis. Kids are some of the most passionate sports fans around. We plan to make this site the experience they deserve.

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