Watch: High School Football Player Body Slams Opponent WWE-Style

That, uh, should be an ejection?
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It's Friday night, which is the night for high school football in these great United States. Down in Tennessee, Sevier County is playing Gibbs High under the lights, which is about as good as it gets for a high school athlete. 

These player should be happy! Football is fun, and so is being young! 

For whatever reason, number 7 on Sevier County is very unhappy with a player on Gibbs. Instead of hitting him late or going for his private parts—more common manifestations of frustration on the football field—he goes for the all-out, WWE-style body slam. Here's video of the egregious act, from former Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton. 

Yikes! Of course, this is horribly illegal and really dangerous. He throws the other kid down head first, would could have resulted in a serious neck injury. Let's hope number 7 was ejected and not merely flagged for a personal foul, as Danny Trevathan was for this disgusting hit on Thursday night. 

Gibbs ended up getting the 42-24 win, which makes me happy, because the ultimate revenge is on the scoreboard. Cheaters (should) never prosper.