Bubba Wallace, NASCAR Have Gained New Fans: Unchecked

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I think Bubba Wallace and NASCAR have won over a lot more fans than they’ve lost.

And with the announcement that Wallace has a new Beats by Dre deal, he should treat those who say otherwise like the old Beats commercials and keep it moving, while blocking out the hate.

Because that’s all that nonsense is, including the President’s tweet, a bunch of unnecessary noise. Not to mention plain wrong.

The other driver’s rallying around Wallace was a moment and it shouldn't be lost in bad faith arguments about its genesis after the fact. And in addition to his peer’s support, NASCAR’s statements have shown they have his back. All of which frankly has made me more likely to tune in than I ever was before. 

But let’s not use me as an example, as I'm probably not the best litmus test given I have never considered myself a racing fan. However, unlike what the tweet in question said, NASCAR’s ratings are up. 

In fact, the numbers have increased 8% since returning from the pandemic and 8% since the Confederate flag ban according to Fox. And while we don't know for sure there is a direct correlation, the data would certainly back up the notion that they've actually gained support through all this. Plus, anecdotally, I’ve never seen more national coverage and praise for the sport before. 

So, Bubba Wallace doesn’t need to apologize for anything, as he’s been the one in the driver’s seat when it comes to positive movement around NASCAR.

And that’s no hoax.