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2013 All-Star sneakers: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and more

LeBron James was one of many All-Stars to wear special sneakers on Sunday. (Getty Images)

LeBron James' All-Star Game sneakers

By Ben Golliver

Just about every color on the spectrum was represented during the 2013 All-Star Game, with players on both sides rocking special sneakers. Here's a collection of the best and brightest. (All photos courtesy of Getty Images.)

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Western Conference

Chris Paul's All-Star sneakers

Chris Paul, Clippers: Jordan Brand

Kevin Durant's All-Star game sneakers

Kevin Durant, Thunder: Nike

Blake Griffin's All-Star Game Sneakers

Blake Griffin, Clippers: Jordan Brand

Dwight Howard's All-Star Game sneakers

Dwight Howard, Lakers: Adidas

Kobe Bryant's All-Star Game sneakers

Kobe Bryant, Lakers: Nike

Russell Westbrook's All-Star Game sneakers

Russell Westbrook, Thunder: Jordan Brand

James Harden's All-Star sneakers

James Harden, Rockets: Nike

Zach Randolph's All-Star Game sneakers

Zach Randolph, Grizzlies: Nike

LaMarcus Aldridge's All-Star Game sneakers

LaMarcus Aldridge, Trail Blazers: Nike

David Lee's All-Star Game sneakers

David Lee, Warriors: Nike

Tony Parker's All-Star Game sneakers

Tony Parker, Spurs: Peak

Eastern Conference

LeBron James' All-Star Game sneakers

LeBron James, Heat: Nike

Dwyane Wade's All-Star Game sneakers

Dwyane Wade, Heat: Li-Ning

Carmelo Anthony's All-Star Sneakers

Carmelo Anthony, Knicks: Jordan Brand

Chris Bosh's All-Star Game sneakers

Chris Bosh, Heat: Nike

Kyrie Irving's All-Star Game sneakers

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers: Nike

Joakim Noah's All-Star Game sneakers

Joakim Noah, Bulls: Le Coq Sportif

Tyson Chandler's All-Star sneakers

Tyson Chandler, Knicks: Nike

Jrue Holiday's All-Star sneakers

Jrue Holiday, 76ers: Adidas

Paul George's All-Star sneakers

Paul George, Pacers: Nike

Elsewhere During All-Star Weekend

Russell Westbrook wears Jordan brand during the All-Star Game

Russell Westbrook, Thunder: Jordan Brand

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers: Nike

Stephen Curry wears Nikes during the three-point contest

Stephen Curry, Warriors: Nike

Anthony Davis at the Rising Stars practice

Anthony Davis, Hornets: