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Bucks show off angular new court design

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled a new court design on Tuesday. (Bucks)

The Milwaukee Bucks unveiled a new court design on Tuesday. (Bucks)

While most franchises aim for either a drastic overhaul or minor updates in their hardwood court redesigns, the Bucks have managed to walk the line between those extremes to great effect. The team revealed the new look for the BMO Bradley Center's floor Tuesday night, which plays down the red in Milwaukee's color scheme and embellishes the middle of the floor with contrasting lacquers.

Here is a full-size look of the court.

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For comparison's sake, this was Milwaukee's previous design:


Overall, defaulting to a more green-dominant design was a wise choice, as it makes Milwaukee's court unique among NBA teams and scales back the weird contrast that marked the previous iteration of the Bucks' home floor. Understatement is an asset, and here Milwaukee's design team plays it well.

Not only do the angular shapes in the middle of the floor give the design a sleek, modern look, but when viewed from the baseline one can also see a defined "M" on each end of the floor. That particular design element harkens back to the Robert Indiana-designed floor of the MECCA Arena used by the Bucks in the late 70s, though the update looks even sharper than the original. Per a release from the team, the look was accomplished by using "two shades of hand-stained Wisconsin hard maple."

"There are so many elements that go into each team's identity including the logos, uniforms and court. The new design of the Bucks court has enabled the Bucks to add a visually powerful component to their identity for fans watching in person and on broadcast," said Christopher Arena, NBA Vice President of Apparel, Sporting Goods & Basketball Partnerships.