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Video: Charles Barkley fires back at San Antonio Spurs fans: 'They suck, too'

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Charles Barkley took his feud with Spurs fans to a new level Wednesday. (Mike Coppla/Getty Images)

Charles Barkley

If you were expecting Charles Barkley to suddenly take the high road in his ongoing feud with Spurs fans, then you probably aren't very familiar with Charles Barkley.

The former NBA great and current TNT "Inside The NBA" analyst has a lengthy history of clashing with San Antonio and Spurs fans. But the rivalry recently picked up some steam, with Barkley making off-color remarks about the women of San Antonio.  "There's some big 'ol women down there," said Barkley. "That's a gold mine for Weight Watchers." He added, "Victoria is definitely a secret ... they can't wear no Victoria's Secret down there."

Barkley's jokes on the TNT show led to significant backlash around the city, with everyone from local billboard artists to obesity awareness groups to Tim Duncan's girlfriend criticizing the outspoken former star.

Barkley refused to apologize for the comments, explaining, "You know I’m joking … some of you people don’t like my sense of humor. Here’s what I gotta say: Turn off your damn television. I’m not gonna change.”

Following the Spurs' 112-77 win over the Thunder in Game 2 on Wednesday, Barkley responded to Spurs fans who were heckling him during an interview with San Antonio's Danny Green.

"I don't know if you can hear these San Antonio fans telling me I suck," Barkley said on the air, "but I just want them to know that they suck, too."

He continued: "I want them to know that I hear them and I want them to know I'm not going to just take it. They suck, too."

For the most part, Barkley said the people of San Antonio "have been great to me and can take a joke," but then he warned that the few people who do dislike him should keep their distance.

"If they get too close, I'm going to beat them like a drum," Barkley said.