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Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala doesn't believe his team has a rivalry with the Los Angeles Clippers.

By SI Wire
November 05, 2014

Golden State Warriors small forward Andre Iguodala doesn't believe his team has a rivalry with the Los Angeles Clippers, he told USA Today

The Clippers and Warriors faced off in the first round of the playoffs last season, with Los Angeles winning in seven games. There's a history of bad blood between the teams, who play on Wednesday for the first time since the playoff series. 

When the two faced on Christmas last season, Clippers forward Blake Griffin was ejected from the game and later said the Warriors play "cowardly" basketball. 

"It's not a rivalry," Iguodala said Tuesday. "Neither one of these teams has done anything."

The Warriors have not won a conference title since 1975, and the Clippers have never won one. 

Golden State has a new coach in Steve Kerr this season, and Kerr said there is no extra importance placed on Wednesday's game just because it's against Los Angeles. 

"What's important is beating a fellow Western Conference playoff team, and controlling homecourt. That's the importance of this game. We want to be a great home team this year," he said.

The Warriors (3-0) host the Clippers (3-1) at 10:30 p.m. ET Wednesday. 

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