Ray Allen and Travis Knight (UConn, 1996) :: Gabe Palacio/SI

Before they lived in mansions, NBA players lived in dorm rooms just like you.

By Andy Gray
November 07, 2014

In last week's 'From The Vault,' we featured offbeat photos of Michael Jordan including a gem of him busting a move in his UNC dorm room. It turns out that SI photographers have visited quite a few dorm rooms over the years. I've collected some of my favorites below. Be sure to scroll down to the end for a couple (non-NBA) bonus dorm room pics. 

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WIlt Chamberlain (Kansas, 1956) :: AP

David Rivers (Notre Dame, 1975) :: Getty Images
Dominique Wilkins (UGA, 1981) :: Manny Millan/SI
Sam Perkins (UNC, 1983) :: Lane Stewart/SI
Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan Flight School at Illinois Benedictine College, 1987) :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI
Ray Allen and Travis Knight (UConn, 1996) :: Gabe Palacio/SI
Tracy McGrady (Mount Zion Christian Academy, 1997) :: Jim Gund/SI
Adam Morrison (Gonzaga, 2003) :: Rich Frishman/SI
Emeka Okafor (UConn, 2003) :: Jay L. Clendenin/Polaris
Jarett Jack (Georgia Tech, 2005) :: Greg Foster/SI
Brook and Robin Lopez (Stanford, 2008) :: John Burgess/SI
Bonus Pic: Summer Sanders is knows for her prowess in the swimming pool, but it's hard to find a bigger Michael Jordan fan.
Summer Sanders (Stanford, 1992) :: Getty Images
Bonus Pic 2: Nothing to do with basketball but came across this pic of Sarah Palin in 1986 and how could I not post it?
Sarah Palin (University of Idaho, 1986) :: AP


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