Courtesy of Adidas
By Tim Newcomb
January 07, 2015

You can take the word goat two ways in sports. You can either be the goat or the G.O.A.T.

Adidas is taking the goat head on with its new trio of shoes that celebrates the 2015 Chinese New Year, the Year of the Goat.

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With special editions of the D Rose 5 Boost, D Rose Lakeshore Mid and T-Mac 3, all three models went black, red, green and gold to tie with the Chinese New Year. The inside tongue of each shoe has a special Year of the Goat logo, two goat heads facing each other with their horns intertwined and circling an Adidas logo.

Building shoes and designers alike at the World Sneaker Championships
As part of the collection, details feature crinkled leather, etched patterns and fleece liners.

The D Rose 5 Boost plays up the crinkled white leather upper with a soft green cage, metallic gold in the toe and red fleece lining. The Lakeshore Mid goes mainly cream, with a touch of green, red and black laces. The T-Mac 3, Tracy McGrady’s third signature shoe originally introduced in 2003, gives us a decade-old look now in black and red with etching and crinkling aplenty.

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