SI Media Podcast: Featuring NBA Countdown host Sage Steele

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Welcome to episode No. 34 of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Richard Deitsch. In this podcast, which is published weekly, Deitsch interviews members of the sports media about their work, and interesting people about the sports media.This week's guest is ESPN's Sage Steele, who hosts NBA Countdown on ESPN and ABC. Steele joined ESPN in 2007 after stops in South Bend, Indianapolis, Tampa and Washington D.C.

In this episode, Steele discusses how she landed her job on NBA Countdown, if she should have a say when it comes to her analyst, how she viewed her on-air relationship with Bill Simmons and the perceived creative differences between them, if a sports audience cares about race, how being a bi-racial woman impacted her sports television role modeling growing up, the most media-friendly NBA coaches and players (listen up for why she thinks Russell Westbrook has gotten a raw deal), racism in the sports media, what social media is like for her and much more. 

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