25 reasons why you have to watch Warriors vs. Spurs on Monday

Here are 25 reasons to watch the Spurs vs. the Warriors tonight.
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The game you’ve been waiting for the entire NBA season is finally here. The Warriors (40–4) and Spurs (38–6) will tip off Monday night at 10:30 p.m. ET, pitting the NBA’s two best teams against each other for the first time this season.

There will be threes. There will be passing. There will be intriguing matchups and future Hall of Famers on the floor. It’s as meaningful as a regular season game can get. And that’s only part of why you should tune in. 

In case you need convincing, here are 25 reasons why Spurs–Warriors is essential viewing. 

1. The 2015 champs…

…against the 2014 champs.

2. Ball movement

3. More ball movement

4. Stephen Curry


5. Stephen Curry

6. Stephen Curry

7. Stephen Curry

8. Stephen Curry…


who at some point might be guarded by this guy.

9. Kawhi Leonard.

10. He’s pretty good too

11. Then there’s the other elite two-way forward.

12. The 1996 Bulls went 72–10...

13. Both teams could still challenge that

14. LaMarcus Aldridge’s shooting

15. Klay Thompson’s shooting

16. Tim Duncan’s bench wardrobe


Unfortunately, he’s out with knee soreness.

17. Finely-aging Tony Parker

18. Finely-aging Andre Iguodala

19. Finely-aging Manu Ginobili

20. Bats

21. Acrobatics


22. You might change your fanhood

23. In case Boban checks in

24. Refresh yourself on the last few times they played...




25. We could see this seven times in the playoffs