NBA Week in Review: Danny Green's Netflix lineup, hacking and more

Spurs guard Danny Green provides his opinion on Netflix's Making a Murderer. Warning: This story contains spoilers. 
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Welcome back to the NBA Week in Review. Today, we discuss hacking, debut the All-Buzzkill team, and speak with Danny Green. Read last week's review here.

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Game of the Week

So Wednesday's Pistons-Rockets game was really something, huh? In case you missed it, Houston fouled Andre Drummond five times in nine seconds to start the third quarter and quickly entered the penalty to ensure that Drummond would shoot more free throws. This was, uh, not fun to watch. Is there any other sport in which this kind of thing happens? It would be like a quarterbacks only being allowed to throw the same five-yard pass on every play. Why are people okay with this?

Nothing in basketball is worse than a stoppage in play. This sport is at its most beautiful when teams are running up and down the court and going back and forth in continuous action. Hacking is the exact opposite of that. Anyway, you have to think it will only take one playoff game to look this ugly before the NBA finally decides to do something about hacking. Until then, we’ll continue to watch great players like Drummond or Dwight Howard step up to the line instead of playing real basketball. 

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The All-Buzzkill Team

This squad is for the players who routinely manage to blow up your favorite team but never anyone else, the guy who comes off the bench to hit nine threes when your team needs a win, then doesn’t hit nine threes the rest of the season. They are such a buzzkill.

PG:Leandro Barbosa
SG:Wayne Ellington
SF:C.J. Miles
PF:Derrick Williams
C:Jon Leuer

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Tweet(s) of the Week

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Vine(s) of the Week


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The Ben Golliver YouTube Corner

I think I feel bad for LeBron James these days. I think this league will be better if the King has one more truly great team to play with in the near future. Here’s, for my money, the best game of LeBron’s career.

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The Fashion Outlet

I like the All-Star Game jerseys this year! Ads aside, this is a clean, solid look. I’m still a sucker for the crazy '90s designs, though. One thing I hope makes a comeback in the future: first names on the back of the jerseys. That was cool.

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The One-Question Interview

Off the court only. This week, Spurs guard Danny Green.

Rohan Nadkarni:What are the shows you’re binge watching these days? What are you really into?

Danny Green:I watch all the shows. From Breaking Bad to Game of Thrones. Scandal and True Detective. Recently I’ve been on Blacklist a lot. I just finished Making A Murderer. It was sad but it was pretty good.

RN:What did you think of Making A Murderer? Was the whole team into it? It consumed my life for a bit. Did it have the same effect on you?

DG: It did. Everybody is watching it, everybody is talking about it. Some people are still finishing it up. For me, it was sad to see those two people, the man and the cousin, kind of lose their lives. Mostly because they weren’t smart enough or didn’t have the money to fight for themselves. It was tough. Especially the cousin being only 16 years old, didn’t have the means or resources to fight back. It felt like they were taking advantage of him.

The evidence to me—I don’t know if [Steven Avery] did do it, I’m not saying he didn’t do it—none of it added up to me. I don’t think he should have been convicted. I don’t think he had a fair trial. Poor people who lack the resources sometimes get taken advantage of by their government or their state.